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Beyond The Willow Tree was officially opened on September 15th 2013 after the life changing birthing experience of Melanie's third child, and a reflection over her whole life as a general. Beyond The Willow Tree quickly became known worldwide and in 2014 welcomed a team member, Roshnee.

More about Melanie ...

Melanie's passion around women and childbirth started at the age of 18 when she was pregnant with her first child (who is now 11) .
After experiencing 2 traumatic births she felt there had to be more when it came to this time around birthing our children.

In January 2012 she officially became a Doula after previously working with women and childbirth unofficially.
Armed with knowledge and great support she birthed her third baby in a loving environment in 2013. This is where the passion for holding onto the physical representation of a woman's journey erupted from within.

"It is my absolute honour and pleasure to be able to create something so special and meaningful in a families life. Be it a celebration or sadness, every journey is unique and I understand how it feels to want to capture something so precious" 

Melanie has now hung up her Doula hat temporarily as she puts her time and energy into creating precious keepsakes for families worldwide. 

"My focus is really around celebrating and capturing life in general. Birth (nurturing our Children) and Death are huge in our lives, they have a major impact on who we are. But in between birth and death there is so much life to celebrate, and this is where I am now capturing life as a journey into jewellery" 

More about Roshnee ... 

After a successful career in advertising, Roshnee took time off to raise her 2 small kids - 3 year old Eva and 1.5 year old Luca. Knowing that there had to be some other way of using the business skills she learnt AND her love for helping others (be it around grief or celebration) meant that when Melanie needed a hand in running this fast growing business, she was the one.

"I love being able to be a part of Beyond The Willow Tree ... the ability to help women in even the smallest way means everything. It's what we are designed to do - help one another'